Monday, March 15, 2004

Just got back from a filled weekend. No time to blog, sorry. We(group I was with and me) did a service helped out at one of the member's homes, then headed out to Pro Sanctity's Elkhorn retreat house, and helped out there. Then we re-evaluated Choices, what to do with it(one idea was to rename it), how to get more candidates, etc. What we decided to do was to target it at an older crowd, 'cuz college age kids have enough on our plates already. Another thing we decided to do was to redo the fliers for them. Time now: Saturday evening. Dancing taught by a girl who's very good at it. Sing along. Bedtime. Sunday morning, we went to Mass at St. Patrick in Fremont, 'cuz Fr. Cook came to Elkhorn the night before. He told us that since Friday is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, the Church isn't allowed to enforce an abstinence(sp) from meat this Friday in Lent. Was news to most of us. Went to see The Passion again. Dashed from there to a TEC meeting. That takes me up to Sun nite. This morning, I read a lot of homework. Don't expect to be this innundated this quarter.


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