Wednesday, March 10, 2004

3 Raves & a rant

Is(was) a beautiful day today. Shortsleeve shirt is enough. w00t!

My car is no longer a 2-tone car(I got a car wash). Still will need a little work in the nooks & crannies, but for the most part, it's red again. Will post a pic when I get home.

Holly's car was in the shop for brakes and she had to ask me for a ride to work. Was able to provide.

They reset all the passwords in the comp lab at Fort. Now nobody can get on without asking how. Why'd college do that? You change something and you screw people over. They also got new machines there. Now they're flatscreens. They've also got 750 MB zip drives. I've got a 100 MB zip disk, 'cuz our drive at home is only a 100 MB. 750 MB drives can't write to 100 MB disks. Stupid Iomega. Why'd college do that? You change something and you're gonna screw people over. At least they didn't "upgrade" the machines in the classrooms. I hope.


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